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It’s Blowing And Snowing!

Call me crazy, but in the middle of our second nor easter in a week, I decided to head outside to take some pictures.  The storm was raging and even though It was dark and I was more than a wee bit cold, I braved the elements to get these pictures!

In the moments when the wind slowed to a dull roar, being outside in the snow was very peaceful. The sound of the snow falling provided me with a sense of peace and some tranquility.




The Start Of The Best Time Of The Year

”Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

-Benjamin Franklin 

Tonight marks the beginning of the best time of the year. At 2 am Sunday morning, we move the clocks ahead an hour. For those of us who cherish being outdoors, this means an extra hour of daylight to do what we love to do. While most folks bemoan the loss of an hour of sleep, I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity for adventure!

Instead of coming home every day and climbing on my stationary bike, the extra hour of light means that I’ll be able to head out to Ward Pound Ridge for a hike. If only for a few miles, being outside to witness the change from winter to spring and eventually summer is a much greater gift than you can imagine!!

Happy Hiking to each and every one of you!!!

WPC-Tour Guide 2


Ward Pound Ridge Reservation


Overlooking the Cross River Reservoir


On the AT in Harriman State Park

When I complete new hikes (and even old ones) I try to include these two things in at least one of the pictures. My partners and tour guides, the ones that have been with me during every hike over the last 17 or so, are my day pack and hiking poles. They are true tour guides that have never complained about the length of a hike or the severity of the weather.

Tour Guide

WPC-Tour Guide




These three photos were taken at Ward Pound Ridge, a place where I have spent many, many hours hiking since this past summer. Located about 20 minutes from my house, it offers a multitude of hiking trails that offer a sense of peace and tranquility to either start a day or end one. 

Tour Guide



I dreamed that I was on the trail. 

Daypack cinched tight, boots firm on my feet.

Sun slipping through the trees, sweat running down my bearded face. 

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

Feet falling, one in front of the other, the breeze bending the trees.

The trail undulating, leaving its mark as I breathe in the warm air.

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

Snow and sleet falling, I knew it was too soon.

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

Please Unplug

“There are few times that I feel more at peace, more in tune, more Zen, if you will, than when I force myself to unplug.”

-Harlan Coben

With technology the way it is, it almost doesn’t seem possible that we can disconnect or unplug from our every day lives, if even for an hour. This quote by Harlan Coben, however, sums up the truth more than anything that I could tell you. As always, I relate most of the quotes that I find directly to my love of hiking. That is my time to “unplug” and when I am out in the woods, I truly am at peace.

As like everyone else, I do carry a cell phone when I hike. However, I turn it off prior to hitting the trail and I don’t check it until I am finished. The only time that I will deviate from this is if I am going to be late or I change my route. At my somewhat advanced age of 52, I make a conscious effort to do this because if I am late my family will assume that I have been eaten by roaming groups of wild animals.

I do find it a shame that we have to “force” ourselves to unplug. It would seem like a natural thing to do, especially after sitting behind a computer screen all day. Or after the many hours doing whatever it is people do on their cell phones.

The bottom line is this-You have to unplug and disconnect at some point. It is imperative for your mental health, and for those around you!


Happy Hiking!!!