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The Promise of Clouds

IMG_7148 (1)

It is early May and I am walking in my backyard. The days are still cool, but not so cool that I can’t enjoy the breeze as it moves through the woods in its silent.progression towards nowhere. When I look up, I notice that the leaves on this and all of the other trees still haven’t made their annual pilgrimage to block the sky and provide comforting summer shade. Just out of reach of the trees are  the clouds. The branches grasp at them as they flow freely  with the breeze and offer promise for today and days to come.


A Haiku For You.

The other day we added this adorable 5 month old kitten to our family. As with our dog Jase, we rescued him from the SPCA in Briarcliff. Seeing Jase’s reaction to the introduction of Sirius into the dynamics of our household has been more than a little comical and it inspired this Haiku:

Cute Kitten Comes Home

Jealous Jiggler Is Upset

Whoa is me says he

Water-Back to Where It All Begins…


IMG_8362 Approximately thirty five miles from New York City lies one of the twelve diverting reservoirs that feeds into the Croton Reservoir, moving on to eventually feed the beast that is the five boroughs. When it is full, the reservoir holds 900 million gallons and believe it or not, is the smallest reservoir in the system. Water from this particular reservoir flows into the East Branch of the Croton River, then into the Muscoot Reservoir and finally into the New Croton Reservoir. It is amazing to me that after all of that, it then flows through the New Croton Aqueduct, continuing on to the Jerome Park Reservoir in the Bronx where it ends its journey in New York City where it will slake the thirst of the masses.



A Fence For Man’s Best Friend

Our dog Jase is a natural explorer and a protector of all within his kingdom. Nose in the air and tongue in the wind, he roams the boundaries of his domain hoping that someday he will  be able to see what lies over the top of the hill just out of his reach. Our vigilant guardian protects us from all enemies, real and imaginary. This is what he does-most of the time. Although this is comforting for us, it is insanity for him.  If only I could just run up, look over the top and then run back, all would be right with the world.



Travel Theme: Exits


Coming across these sign posts on the AT represent either the beginning or the end of hike. On this particular day, it marked the end of a short but excellent hike. As you got closer to the sign, the sounds of cars got louder and louder, signalling that civilization was near and the peace achieved for that day would soon be over.

To see where the idea for this post came from, please visit:

Travel theme: Exits

A Quiet Sunday Morning at the Elephant’s Trunk




Forty minutes from where I live in Mahopac, NY is probably one of the best flea markets in New England. Every Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm, the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market opens its gates in New Milford, CT to every type of collector and flea market aficionado  in the area. You can find everything from the eccentric to the eclectic and everything in between.

The Elephant Trunk started in 1976 in New Milford and at the time, having 15 vendors was considered a good turnout. Now, they say up to 500 vendors show up to sell their wares on any given Sunday and also have numerous food trucks on the premises.


Driving up to the entrance at just about 7:20 am, the traffic flowed nicely as the people directing you into the parking area made sure that they got you situated pretty quickly despite the large number of cars coming off of the main drag. Even with the heavy traffic, the guys directing you were incredibly friendly. As we walked up to the main gate the odor of frying bacon filled the air and I was truly surprised at the number of people already bringing purchases out to their cars. As with the gentleman directing the traffic, the folks working at the main gate warmly welcomed us and were equally as friendly.

Our technique for getting around any flea market is a simple one. We start at the first row and move down it, carefully surveying each of the spaces on both sides of the row. One of the things that I don’t mind about this (and many others) is that they don’t categorize the areas. You can literally find some eccentric art in one space and collectible toys in the one right next to it. IMG_8301


One of the best things that I have found about all flea markets and especially this one,  is that the vendors are more than willing to let you bargain with them to come to a mutually agreed upon selling price. I didn’t find one person who wasn’t at least willing to entertain a lower price than what they were originally asking.

On this particular Sunday morning we spent the better part of three hours traversing the acres upon acres of everything conceivable that a collector could want.

Here are some pictures of some of the more interesting items that I came across:


Awesome collection of vinyl and the owner was super cool!

IMG_8303 (1)







And finally…


So, if you have nothing to do on a Sunday morning over the course of the next several months, you should definitely take a trip to the Elephant’s Trunk, you won’t regret it!


Truly man’s best friend

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”

-Milan Kundera



A year ago this Friday, we rescued this beautiful Black Lab/Mastiff (we believe) mix from the Briarcliff SPCA. We had originally gone to the shelter to look at another dog that we had seen on their website, but something just didn’t feel right about him. As we waited to look at another dog, this guy here calmly walked up to the front of his cage, sat down and proceeded to lick my hand through the metal bars and I will freely admit that he had me right then and there. We took him for a walk and the decision was an easy one-he was coming home with us.

Little did we know that this had been  his plan from the first minute he saw us. I am convinced that Jase knew that we were the family that should have the honor of adopting him. Only a dog owner can truly  understand what I am saying when I say that he chose us. He has brought a great deal of joy to our lives as well as some trying moments. But that all comes with having an almost 80 pound dog that thinks he is a lap dog and (at the time we adopted him) was only 11 months old.


As his second birthday approaches, I can only imagine the hikes that he will take us on, the rides we will take and the pleasure that he will continue to bring us for many years to come. Truly man’s best friend.



“Nothing left to do but but smile.”

-Jerry Garcia

“Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.”

Trey Anastasio

Today was a long day at work. Leaving work, I just wanted to get home and not do anything. But as I pulled up my driveway, I saw a manila envelope stuck between the windshield wiper and the windshield of my wife’s car and I knew that my day was going to get better. My updated hiking maps had arrived!!! I’m going to put on a Phish show and start planning hikes for the summer. Life is good…



Rainy Days and Sundays…ARE AWESOME!!

It is a rainy, wet day here in the Hudson Valley. Usually on a day like this, I would get out and hike. I do know people who don’t like to hike if the weather isn’t perfect, but I really don’t mind hiking in the rain. I find that the falling rain itself offers some solace. But you know what?? Not today. Today I am resigned to the fact that I will make an honest attempt at getting absolutely nothing accomplished. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Today I will do nothing but read…

IMG_8213Our dog Jase’s favorite ball. Unfortunately, today it will sit where you see it.