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The Clouds

You see some pretty amazing things when you are sitting in your Jeep waiting for your daughter’s hockey practice to finish. Today, I was looking at the clouds while a nice tasty Eyes played in the background on the Grateful Dead channel and of course I started taking some photos. This is the result. What happens tomorrow?? More rain!




The Promise of Clouds

IMG_7148 (1)

It is early May and I am walking in my backyard. The days are still cool, but not so cool that I can’t enjoy the breeze as it moves through the woods in its silent.progression towards nowhere. When I look up, I notice that the leaves on this and all of the other trees still haven’t made their annual pilgrimage to block the sky and provide comforting summer shade. Just out of reach of the trees are  the clouds. The branches grasp at them as they flow freely  with the breeze and offer promise for today and days to come.