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I dreamed that I was on the trail. 

Daypack cinched tight, boots firm on my feet.

Sun slipping through the trees, sweat running down my bearded face. 

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

Feet falling, one in front of the other, the breeze bending the trees.

The trail undulating, leaving its mark as I breathe in the warm air.

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

Snow and sleet falling, I knew it was too soon.

I dreamed that I was on the trail.

My Furry Friend

Sitting on the couch, my furry friends soft breath reassuring,

The snow falling outside, his head resting on my leg, soft eyes looking for confirmation.

Like every snowflake, each glance is unique, telling a story.

As the snow settles on the earth, it won’t move, much like my furry friend.



I am puzzled by many things.

I am puzzled by the sunrise, the sunset and the way the wind bends the trees and cools me off.

I am puzzled by why we are here and what we are doing.

I am puzzled by people’s reactions to, well…everything.

I am puzzled by people who feel the need to be hostile just because you disagree with them.

I am puzzled by the things people say without thinking.

I am puzzled by those who do not take the one life we have seriously.

I am mostly puzzled by the fact that so many things puzzle me.

Apparently bewilderment is a state of mind!


A Two Hour Delay!

They say that teachers wait all year for the summer,

Because the cold days of January are always a bummer.

And since I’m a teacher where the snow always falls,

I anxiously await that magical call.

But to get that call, the timing must be just right,

The snow needs to falling well into the night.

So when it is snowing, I sit by the phone,

Hoping and hoping that I’m not alone.

When the call finally comes and much to my dismay,

It’s not a day off, but a two hour delay!