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My Hideout-The Trail


When I walk into the woods,

I feel the comforting embrace of the trail,

Each step wrapping me tighter in the cloak of its essence,

Like a mother swaddling a newborn,

The cloak reaffirms the journey,

Drowning each sorrow with the promise of tomorrow,

The trail my refuge, my hideout,

The woods calling out, offering nothing but safe passage,

Thoughts of the empty miles ahead, filled with the scent of Spring,

Trees swaying in a calming cadence that help me navigate

Each winding trail as if it were my own,

The woods, my refuge, my hideout.


Year (2)

I look in the mirror on the last day,

Wondering what awaits me tomorrow.

Another year has past, another year older,

Another year of loss, another year bolder,

Why do we wait, for each year to end,

Why do we wait, to be on the mend.

So I look in the mirror on the first day,

Wondering what awaits me tomorrow.


Renewal (3)

Rushing into the house just a few minutes ago after walking our elderly neighbors dogs, my daughter exclaimed, “Dad, quick, you have to get a picture of the sunset.” Walking to the front door, I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the sunset that I saw before me. Most people think of sunrises as being a period of renewal, but after a morning of snow that turned to a drenching rain that lasted more than seven hours, the sunset today was amazing and a great way to end the day. To me, a period of renewal.