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I Didn’t Freeze!!!!

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

-Sir Ranulph Fiennes

With the weather getting really, really cold (single digits), I knew that if I was planning on getting out to hike anytime soon, I would have to upgrade my current gloves. For as long as I can remember, I have used white athletic socks on the days that I have had to wear gloves. I know that sounds strange, and I can not offer any good reason as to why I have done this for so long. This year, however, I decided to get a decent pair of gloves for a couple of reasons.

First, I have found that as I get older, the cold affects me more than in the past. I tend to get colder quicker and I lose feeling in my extremities Second, also sticking with the “getting older” theme, even when I go out for a day hike I make sure that I am prepared to spend the night in the woods if something happens. This holds true for every hike that I take during every season.

With all of that said, let’s talk about the gloves. The gloves that I purchased were the REI Co-Op Fleece Gloves, size large. Before I ordered them, I used the sizing chart on the REI website to determine what size I should get. After receiving them, I tried them on and was very happy when they fit perfectly.

The hat I purchased to complete the ensemble was the Wigwam Outlast Watch cap. As with the gloves, the hat fit perfectly. Made of fabric that is touted to dry quickly, I am sure that at some point I will be able to test this.

Now, even though I have not worn either of these items while hiking, I was able to test them last night. My daughter had hockey practice last night. While she is practicing, I usually sit in my jeep and read my kindle. When we got to the rink at 7:30 pm, the temperature was 11 degrees and the wind was blowing. Needless to say, it was cold!!!

As I sat in the jeep with my gloves and hat on, I fell asleep, only to be awakened an hour and a half later when the practice was finished. Based on the fact that the only part of me that was remotely cold were my feet, I have to give both items two big thumbs up! My head and hands were nice and toasty and I am sure that when I get into the woods, they will work just as well.

Happy Hiking!

Why Are They My Favorites?

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

-Katie Thurmes

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

I just finished posting my three favorite hiking pictures as well as my overall top favorites of the year. As I poured through my photos, I kept asking myself whether I should be looking for photos that just had an appealing look and was a “pretty picture”? Or, should I take it a step further and look not at how well the picture came out, but instead how it made me feel. Using approximately a ratio of 80% feeling to 20% appeal, I asked myself a simple question.

How did the picture make me feel? Did it stir any emotions? Good or bad, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be sure that it produced enough of a reaction and recalled a memory strong enough to include it.

So, each of the six pictures included, after careful examination, answered my question in a satisfactory manner. Each of these photos made me think about hiking and all of the positive aspects of being able to walk in the moment.

Happy Hiking!!!!

2017 Hiking Favorites (3)

A naked tree reaching up to the sky. Pictures like this symbolize the death of one season and the awakening of another. With no leaves, they seem to searching for something that they probably will never find. This is why I love hiking during the fall and winter. You just look up and life is waiting for you!


2017 Favorites

2017 Hiking Favorites (2)

My second favorite hiking photo of the year! This was a sunset after exiting the woods in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation (late October). The contrast between the sky and the trees is what makes the photo special for me.


2017 Favorites

Was It A Trivial Pursuit??



It was a very interesting day, this Christmas Day. At just around 10:15 yesterday morning, the power went out in parts of Mahopac. After about 20 minutes of blessed silence, my son (who was in the next room), texted me asking if we could play Monopoly. That’s right..he texted me. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, after not finding the Monopoly game board, we decided to play Trivial Pursuit.  It was really nice to be able to sit down with my kids and not have to fight with some form of electronics for their attention. As the game passed one hour and then two, I realized how lucky I was to have two kids who didn’t mind spending some time with their old man.

Although it was forced upon us, those three hours spent together playing a board game made this Christmas Day a complete one. It has been a long time since my two kids and I had the opportunity to just sit down and play a game. It brought back memories of other days when we actually planned to play some kind of game if we had a snow day, or if it was really a hot summer day.

With all of that said, I guess my point is this-if you have older children, take advantage of any time that you get to spend with them. When they are younger, we know that they aren’t going anywhere and quite honestly, the thought never enters your mind. Now that my son, who is senior in college, will be either going to graduate school or entering the work force, is obviously on his way. My daughter follows in just a few short years.

Those three hours playing Trivial Pursuit were probably some of the best time spent during 2017! And BTW-I won!!!!!


2017 Favorites (3)

This photo rounds out my top three photos of the year. Taken at my parents house, I love the colors in this picture, especially how you don’t see a direct cut off, instead the darker colors fade into the lighter.


2017 Favorites