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Hand Crafted Kitchen Island

One of the other activities that I have found that promotes my inner peace is building things with wood and pallets. I don’t know what it is about it, but I have found some real satisfaction with putting something together and having a use for it. Now believe me, I am by no means a carpenter, but the whole process of figuring out what I want to do and then actually doing it is pretty cool.

When my daughter recently moved into my sons room (he is away at college), she had to take his old bed apart. Since it couldn’t be salvaged, I used the slats from the bed as the top and the lower level of the kitchen island. 4 x 4’s were used for the legs and 1 x 4’s are what surrounds the top. Of course I attached wheels so it could be moved around easily.


The island prior to being stained.



I decided to use a pretty dark stain to contrast the white walls and white cabinets in our very small kitchen. 

If you were wondering, the entire cost of this project, including the wood, stain and wheels was about $45. It took me 4 hours to sand and assemble the entire island. With that said, I did have the folks at Home Depot cut the 4 x 4’s since I don’t have anything big enough to cut wood that thick (at least not yet!).

Even if you have no aptitude for this type of activity, I strongly suggest at least trying it!!! The internet is full of smaller and easier projects that you can get started with.

Peace to everyone!!!