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The Dream


Chasing a dream,

Her hands on the reins,

Melting pink melancholy the backdrop to hope,

Liquid yellow and orange sunshine warm the heart,

Seeking the truth, the answer, to love, lost and imagined

The dream, and love, both out of reach as fog clouds each

Piece of the past, the puzzle incomplete, broken,

Wishing it was easy, forever lending herself to time.








Tears slide down the contours of her face,

Each one filled with reminders of the past.

When hearts beat as one and love was new,

But time is cruel and the story told as souls age and drift apart,

Is a forgotten one.

Time slowly descends on what once was, asking for nothing and promising


Attempting to fill a void…

The Inevitability of Time

We travel through life hoping that time won’t move.

Always hoping that it will stand still with the steely determination of a Marine standing guard.

But it doesn’t.

Days, months and years spent living, mystifyingly chained to the fixtures of life itself, not paying attention to the ticking clock.

Yet time marches on.

Family and friends pass, reunited with the earth, silenced by time, remembered briefly and then forgotten like the sting of a bee soothed by cold cubed ice.

We move on, masking our sadness with memories, perceived and real, that are tattooed in our minds.

Time begins to take over, the memories that once held us up now falter and fade, our own timeless progression now becomes the enemy.

We then pass and that memory will hold another up until time catches up with them.