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Work->Green Trail->Home

“Walking is my main method of relaxation. I don’t go over my lines or try to solve the world’s problems, I just enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.”
-Kevin Whately


The changing leaves as seen through my crappy cell phone camera!

I have found no better way to end a day than to get out and hike. This time of year is especially nice with the cooler temperatures and leaves falling out of the trees to just wander around the woods and think about absolutely…nothing. All I need is that couple of hours of movement to get the brain straight.

After work today (Thursday 10/19), I made my way to Ward Pound Ridge to hike the Green Trail. Today’s hike was made that much better by the total absence of any people. The only company I had this afternoon was the breeze blowing through the trees and an ocassional squirrel making its way from tree to tree.


The sun setting in the woods about half of the way through the hike.

Happy Hiking!!!

2017 Mileage:



Big Brother Has Landed

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“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” 
― George Orwell

This week has been a strange one. Big brother has finally taken off his slippers and crawled into bed with us. It’s kind of like when you were single and went to bed in a drunken stupor only to find out that the person next to you was more frightening than the one the night before. That body next to you, no matter how charming you may think they are, is by no means your friend.

They may be warm and cuddly as they snuggle next to you, and they may tell you all of the things that they think you want to hear in an attempt to get you to not go. But in the end, it’s all a fallacy. Unfortunately, however,  it all becomes a reality when you begin to sober up and start to shake yourself out of your haze. You remember the night before when little sweet nothings were being whispered in your ear and you believed every word.

But as the fog lifts you realize you’ve been duped. Duped in a way that makes you feel, well, dirty and used. All of the promises have been replaced by the prying eyes and ears of Big Brother, who wants to see all and hear nothing…



Flowers at the Elephant Trunk

“When words escape, flowers speak.”

-Bruce W. Currie

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

-Luther Burbank

These flowers were also at the Elephant Trunk Flea Market. I believed that they needed a space all of their own instead of being meixed in with everything else that was for sale.



Elephant Trunk

If it is a Sunday in July, then it must be time for another visit to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market. Today’s weather was beautiful and although we weren’t looking for anything in particular, it is always nice to see what people have. And, you never what you are going to come home with!

I couldn’t resist  starting the photographs off with this one. Every one of you with a teenager can relate to what it is saying!


I love this!!!

As with every flea market, each of the vendors display an incredible array of items that are usually a reflection of themselves and what they like to collect (and are willing to part with).