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The Sanding Is Done

“If I had more time I’d watch more woodworking or home improvement shows, but, not enough hours in the day.”

-Nick Offerman

Before and After Sanding

As you can see, I sanded the shoeshine box this morning. Using the 100 grit paper, the old stain came off much easier than I had anticipated. When I was finished with that, I took the 220 grit and sanded it to a nice smooth finish. The entire process took about 45 minutes.

Now it is ready to be stained. Before that, however, I am going to take a wet paper towel and wipe down any excess residue from the sanding that may be left. After that, I will be put on the first coat of stain, let it dry and then decide if it needs a second coat.  Only time will tell.

Hopefully, I will get to the staining today as the weather is supposed to become hot and humid as the week progresses.

Here are some more pictures after the sanding was completed:



If you have any comments, they certainly would be appreciated!

Vintage Shoe Shine Box

“I just don’t want to look back and think, “I should have bought that junk.


One of the things I was looking for at the Elephant’s Trunk this morning was a small item made out of wood that could be refurbished. A small project that won’t take much time but when it is finished you can see the difference.

What I did find was a small vintage wooden shoe shine box. It cost a mere $10, but I believe that when it is done it will look much different than it currently does. I probably could just leave it alone since it is an old piece, but I think that I will take the chance and see what I can do with it.

My first task will be sanding the box down so it is smooth and the old stain is pretty much gone. I don’t anticipate any issues with that since the box is pretty much open. I will be using 100-grit sandpaper at first to get the old stain off as well as any imperfections. Afterward, to further refine it for staining, I chose a 220 grit sandpaper.

The stain I chose is called “Provincial.” It was the closest color to what the original looks like. I just didn’t want to get stuck with something that was lighter or darker than the original. Here is what the piece looks like:


L=13 3/4″/W=5 1/2 “H=13 3/4”


I  am pretty confident that this should be a relatively easy project to complete. Of course, I could be completely off base, but I don’t believe so.

After I finish sanding the box I’ll post some pictures to show the progress.