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A Pre-Thanksgiving Poem

Turkey day is less than a week away.

No work, sleep late and eat goodies all day.

Dreams of stuffing, potatoes, cranberries and bread,

Have invaded my brain and are filling my head.

I know I can wait, it’s only six more long days,

Then Tom Turkey and I will have a parting of ways.

My heart is indeed heavy and I feel kind of sad,

What did he do to me, to be treated so bad?

Well, it isn’t my fault that he will look so darn yummy,

Carved up on the plate, on the way to my tummy.

So  what can I do and what can I say,

To make time go faster to get to that day?


Some Ghoulish Poetry

It’s a ghoulish day much to the kids delight,

Dressed up and made up in all hopes to fright.

As they wait and wait for the sun to set,

A ton of candy they are planning to get.

As they walk down each street, eyes wide open and scared,

They look in their bags to see how they’ve fared.

But as they search through each bag, they aren’t looking around,

At the number of ghouls that are soon to be found.

Lurking behind trees and searching for prey,

The kids they saw nothing, and had nothing to say.

But as the first ghoul came forth and made himself known,

The children themselves were chilled to the bone.

So they took off running, screaming with a great deal of fright,

Only to come out again on the next Halloween night!