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Cairn You Do It? Yes You Can…

“Cairns represent a trail marker that guides one through uncertain areas in life.  They provide guidance, hope, balance, continuity, and confidence on the journey down the path of life.”  

-John P. Kraemer

These pictures were taken on my hike today at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. I immediately knew that they needed to be in black & white in order to bring out each rocks true character.



Every Day Is A New Beginning

Every day now before I step into the building to start my day I casually turn around to take a look at the sky. If it looks promising, I take a picture with my cellphone just to remind myself of what is out there. The possibility, the hope. 



The view right before I entered the building.

(As always, please excuse the grainy quality. I have a really bad cell phone!)

The Dream


Chasing a dream,

Her hands on the reins,

Melting pink melancholy the backdrop to hope,

Liquid yellow and orange sunshine warm the heart,

Seeking the truth, the answer, to love, lost and imagined

The dream, and love, both out of reach as fog clouds each

Piece of the past, the puzzle incomplete, broken,

Wishing it was easy, forever lending herself to time.







It’s that time of year…again

It’s that holiday time of year again,

When we pledge our lives and ask where humanity has been.

But what we see throughout the year,

Is hate and rancor and lots of fear.

But what I don’t get and will never see,

Is why we put up with this hypocrisy.

If you can be nice during this fine holiday season,

Then the rest of the year should stand without reason.

So if people are telling you that you’re always a jerk,

It’s your rotten disposition that might need some work!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Lost in Thought

Wandering through the night sky

Lost in thought, hoping for clarity

Answers found in a cerebral swirl

Floating in time, endless

The misty haze of reality kept at bay

Content in the place that allows for hope

Safe, warm and secure, don’t let go