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Dreaming of another time,

Innocent lies smother the smell of deceit,

Sadness slowly seeps into a reflection,

Cowering, frightened

Of the inevitable,

Vivid images penetrate an otherwise

Enviable task of finding the

Reality of my tomorrow


First Touch

Forever looking for the first touch

Individual fingers, slowly moving over cool skin, exploring and defined

Remembering each soft caress as if they would never end

Savoring the anticipation and the ecstasy

Trapped in time, the moment builds


Tasting each infinite possibility,

Oblivious to the soft cloak of sensibility

Unflinching and unsure, apprehension measured with each soft breathe,

Captive to the fascination of the moment, the thirst building as if to fulfill a sacred promise

Humbled, each touch an affirmation of what is to be, what is meant to be, perfect in its simplicity.