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The Calm Before the Storm

The A.T. calls me

Boots on the trail, walking

Lost in thought, my peace

The weather forecast here in the Hudson Valley of NY is not good for the next several days. They are saying we could get several inches of rain from late  tomorrow through Sunday. Knowing that I won’t be able to get out for a hike this weekend, I decided to take yet another trip to the Nose. As you know from previous posts, a hike to the Nose is never disappointing! Here is what it looks like in May.


Bear Mt. from the Nose in May.


Northwest from the Nose.


Looking south towards the Timp.


Anthony’s Nose in the Spring

“Take only memories, leave only footsteps.”

-Chief Seattle

With spring upon us it can only be assumed that I would make a trip to Anthony’s Nose. For mid April (4/10/17), the weather was perfect and the trail was as beautiful as you would imagine it would be. What also made this hike special was my fifteen (almost sixteen) year old daughter asked if she could come hiking with me. I almost fell over with surprise. Because of hockey, “I’m tired,” and “I have too much school work,” she really hasn’t been out with me much the last couple of years so this was really nice.

One quick side note-As we sat at the top taking pictures, several people made their way from the trail to the view-point. As one group sat and ate a snack, three young ladies arrived and started taking pictures of each over looking the Bear Mt. Bridge. Normally I wouldn’t even give this a second thought, but when they started giving each other directions such as, “lift you leg,” “turn to your left” and “fix your hair,” I literally began to laugh out loud. Even my daughter, who is obviously much closer in age to them as I am, found this amusing as well.

Please don’t get me wrong, I take pictures while I am hiking all of the time. You have seen many of them here on this blog. But posing for pictures like you are on a model shoot to me is over the line. And…after ten minutes of posing for pictures, one of the young ladies turned, posed and then said to her friends, “Is this hikey enough?” Oh boy…

I have no idea why this bothers me so much.

Anyway, here are pictures of yet another hike to Anthony’s Nose.


A brook at the beginning of the hike.

IMG_6197 (3)

A small pond filled with fresh rain and melted snow.

IMG_6190 (2)

A freight train heading north on the Hudson River.


Perkins Memorial Tower at the top of Bear Mt., approximately 300 feet higher than Anthony’s Nose.


Old glory standing stiffly, crimson white and indigo.


A wide shot of Bear Mt. as seen from the Nose.

Finding Your Place-Anthony’s Nose

Over the years, whenever I have had to think something through or have had a particularly bad day, I’ll head to Anthony’s Nose. The Nose has proven to be a special place for me because it gives me the chance to get away from everything and do what I need to do to get back on track. The soft earth under my feet, the wind blowing around me and the warmth of the sun has been incredibly therapeutic for me.

Although I have made my way to the Nose during every season of the year, the winter months are a special time to hike there. Even though it isn’t that warm and snow or ice may cover the trail, it offers many more views than the other seasons. After spending some time at the top, I know that I can head back to real life refreshed and ready to move on.

In good times and bad-I have found my place.



Finding Your Place

A Winter Hike to the Nose

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”

-Paul Theroux

“He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.”

-John Burroughs

“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”

-Pietro Aretino

You know it’s going to be a good hike when your long time hiking buddy shows up at the trail head and after a good twelve hours of snow, freezing rain and rain, it all just stops! Ten minutes later the sun is out. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Yes, I headed back up to Anthony’s Nose on a day that started off slushy, icy and nasty. As I looked up the trail, I have to admit that I was a little worried noticing that it was all a sheet of ice. With that said, after about 200 yards, the trail became more slushy which made it much more manageable.


12/24/16-The start of the climb to Anthony’s Nose. 


12/24/16-A quick 180 degree turn from the picture above looking back towards the start.

Since I have not been up to the Nose this late in December for a couple of years, I really forgot about how the views drastically change now that the trees are bare. You get an entirely different perspective on winter hiking.


12/24/16-A view you would never get during the summer!


12/24/16-The Nose in the distance as seen from the Appalachian Trail. This is the only time of year you get this view of the Nose.


Once I got to the top I was pleasantly surprised with the awesome views that were waiting. for me! The difference between pictures during the summer and now are incredible. Once again, this is why I love this hike!


12/24/16-Iona Island to the lower left and Bear Mt. to the right.


Dunderberg Mt.


Bear Mt. and the Bear Mt. bridge to the right.







Bear Mt. 


Another viewpoint, just off of the Nose looking North towards West Point.


Sugarloaf as seen from the alternate viewpoint.


A tighter view looking North on the Hudson.


A small pond, now frozen, that you see on the way up and down from th Nose.

As always, any hike to the Nose is a good one. If you want to, go back to my posts in July and August to get a good look at the differences in the terrain depending on the season.

Happy Hiking!!!


A Lovers Embrace

I saw her last under the light of summers soft kiss.

Warm and inviting, her embrace was as comforting as it always had been.

Seeing her now, the embrace, although still present and soothing, was now noticeably cooler.

Regardless, my love still flowed freely like water cascading into a calm sea

and the anticipation of the future made me smile.

The Start of Autumn at the Nose

Since school started back up on August 30th, I haven’t had as much time to go hiking. It’s always a let down, especially since I could go hiking anytime and anywhere I wanted to during the summer months. Although I do ride a stationary bike on the days that I don’t get out, it isn’t quite the same! So, we had today off and I decided to go to…..Anthony’s Nose of course! It is still very early in the fall season so only small spots were beginning to change.


Fall starting to make an appearance.



Bear Mt. as seen from the Nose. As you can see, although some of the more Autumn colors are evident but not widespread.



As  the AT turns off onto a woods road, it runs parallel to Camp Smith, a US Army reserve training center. Here are two signs that kept appearing on that particular section of the trail. The “Danger” sign faces the military reservation and the orange “property of” sign is on the other side of the tree facing the trail.

As I have noted before, hiking to Anthony’s Nose is always special, no matter how many times you take to the trail to get to the top. The temperature today was in the low 60’s with no humidity and cloudy skies. It was perfect!!!

Don’t worry, when the Autumn colors are more crisp I’ll get back up there and get some outstanding photos!