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A New Year?

The end of the year is just two days away,

It’s soon to be history I’m happy to say.

A year full of ups and a year full of downs,

With many more smiles than awfully sad frowns.

At work or at home, the time has gone fast,

But with January upon us, it most certainly won’t last.

The time will slow to a horrible crawl

Waiting for spring and its inevitable call.

So wherever you stand with regards to the new year,

It’s going to happen, don’t have any fear!


The First of May

“They blossomed, they did not talk about blossoming.”
― Dejan Stojanovic

This was what a tree outside the middle school in our district had to offer this morning.


This picture was taken with my cell phone.

The Nor’easter

Here in the northeast of the US we are about to get slammed by a Nor’easter this Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is a short piece of rhyming poetry to usher it in:

In a couple of days time a nor’easter will blow,

The weatherman is telling  a tale of woe.

The wind will be whipping and a cold snow will be falling,

The cruel hand of Boreas soon will be calling.

And as much as I love the soft fluffy white,

Two feet of snow is more of a blight.

So as I sit and ponder the storm,

The coming of spring  can’t be the norm, 

But the new season will soon be here, that much is true,

A bright crisp green landscape and fresh air anew.

So look out your window and enjoy winters last breath,

As we move hand in hand celebrating its death.

Spring Hiking is Near (I Hope)

As I sit at work and think of spring,

The warmer days and the hikes it will bring,

I dream of the trail and not of the cold,

Leaves on the trees, a scene to behold,

I know that day will be here, no time to lament,

Of harsh winter nights, awaitng springs soft sweet scent.