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Croton Falls Diverting Dam

With the copious amounts of rain and snow that we have received recently, our reservoirs are full and they have reached their peak and are now overflowing.

Approximately 10 Miles from my house is the Croton Falls Diverting Dam. Only a few times a year are we given the privilege of seeing the reservoirs water cascade over into the spillway.





Water-Back to Where It All Begins…


IMG_8362 Approximately thirty five miles from New York City lies one of the twelve diverting reservoirs that feeds into the Croton Reservoir, moving on to eventually feed the beast that is the five boroughs. When it is full, the reservoir holds 900 million gallons and believe it or not, is the smallest reservoir in the system. Water from this particular reservoir flows into the East Branch of the Croton River, then into the Muscoot Reservoir and finally into the New Croton Reservoir. It is amazing to me that after all of that, it then flows through the New Croton Aqueduct, continuing on to the Jerome Park Reservoir in the Bronx where it ends its journey in New York City where it will slake the thirst of the masses.