A Fence For Man’s Best Friend

Our dog Jase is a natural explorer and a protector of all within his kingdom. Nose in the air and tongue in the wind, he roams the boundaries of his domain hoping that someday he will  be able to see what lies over the top of the hill just out of his reach. Our vigilant guardian protects us from all enemies, real and imaginary. This is what he does-most of the time. Although this is comforting for us, it is insanity for him.  If only I could just run up, look over the top and then run back, all would be right with the world.



4 thoughts on “A Fence For Man’s Best Friend

  1. Barb Knowles

    Now that I’ve read this post and “Truly Man’s Best Friend” I’ve realized that I have to write a post about pets. I will reference your blog and give you a shout-out.



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