Rainy Days and Sundays…ARE AWESOME!!

It is a rainy, wet day here in the Hudson Valley. Usually on a day like this, I would get out and hike. I do know people who don’t like to hike if the weather isn’t perfect, but I really don’t mind hiking in the rain. I find that the falling rain itself offers some solace. But you know what?? Not today. Today I am resigned to the fact that I will make an honest attempt at getting absolutely nothing accomplished. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Today I will do nothing but read…

IMG_8213Our dog Jase’s favorite ball. Unfortunately, today it will sit where you see it.

1 thought on “Rainy Days and Sundays…ARE AWESOME!!

  1. Miriam

    I don’t mind walking in the rain, if I’ve got the right gear on. Actually it’s raining in Melbourne right this minute … 8.30am in Melbourne. My Monday has begun. Hope you have a great week ahead.



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