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Frigid (2)

The skies are frigid, a cool cobalt blue,

Winter won’t leave, we know that much is true.

As I lay in my bed with my eyes closed so tight,

I think of a warm spring all through the long night.

But then I wake up and look out the door,

I sincerely believe winter will be many weeks more.



Hippity Hop

I slowly woke up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes,

Had the bunny been here with a sweet chocolate surprise?

Hippity hoppping the entire night through,

The bunny had stopped here, oh what should I do?

My eyes they did shift, to see what was there,

Parents and siblings you better beware!

 At a speed much too fast for running inside,

I wanted that damn chocolate, I have nothing to hide.

So I dodged and I weaved and knocked my dear dad down,

And my mother and siblings were not to be found.

It’s all mine I did say, I can take every bar,

So I tried to escape, but didn’t get far.

Because now standing in front of me, a kind look on his face,

The Bunny had returned to our own favorite place.

Put that bag down he said, you can’t take it all,

By knocking your dad down in the main entry hall.

So I looked in his eyes, and I knew I was done,

Today chocolate Nirvana could not be won.







A Nod To The Easter Bunny

Basket of beans, chocolate galore

As you’re hopping away, please give me some more.

The candy is fine, I’d eat it all if I could,

Chewing and chomping it tastes so damn good.

So as I sit and I eat and stuff more in my face,

I hope that next year the bunny stays out of my place!

It’s Way Past Time

The date has passed, the calendar says that it’s here,

Spring has sprung and you have nothing to fear.

But as I look at the ground still covered in white,

I think to myself, “well this can’t be right.”

So I feel the air and look to the sky,

Could they be wrong? Could they have lied?

I want to be out, out on the trail,

Where the grass is greener, even at the pace of a snail.

Step after step, I walk on the ground,

My footsteps advancing, the only fair sound.

But instead here I sit, and the trail grows old,

It will soon be warm, or so I’ve been told. 



“I See Cold People”

About half way through our recent black out, I took a selfie of myself as I huddled in my sleeping bag trying to keep warm. It was about 10 pm and the temperature in my bedroom was hovering around 40 degrees.

The next day I sent the picture to a colleague and he responded with, “I see cold people.” As much as I would like to take credit for what I think is a pretty humorous comment, I can’t.


“I see cold people”

A Two Hour Delay!

They say that teachers wait all year for the summer,

Because the cold days of January are always a bummer.

And since I’m a teacher where the snow always falls,

I anxiously await that magical call.

But to get that call, the timing must be just right,

The snow needs to falling well into the night.

So when it is snowing, I sit by the phone,

Hoping and hoping that I’m not alone.

When the call finally comes and much to my dismay,

It’s not a day off, but a two hour delay!