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Bear Mountain (Almost at Sunrise)

“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.”

-George Washington Carver

Every summer I feel the need to torture myself by doing two pretty difficult hikes at least once. The first one is Mt. Beacon and the second is Bear Mt. Today I decided to get Bear Mt. out of the way since the forecast for tomorrow is for the mid 80’s with high humidity. Starting off on the Appalachian Trail by Hessian Lake, the trail begins a grueling ascent immediately. The elevation at this point is 175 feet, but in less than two miles you climb 1,130 feet where you will be at Perkins Memorial Tower that has an elevation of 1305 feet.

Since they rerouted the AT over the last few years and have made significant improvements, although steep, the trail is a pleasure to hike on.


It climbs…


And climbs…


And climbs some more…


It seems like it never ends!

The AT does eventually turn off onto Perkins Memorial Drive. Instead of heading back into the woods, I stayed on the road so I could take some pictures. Part of the reason I was up here in the first place was to catch the sun coming up behind Anthony’s Nose. Unfortunately I missed it by about fifteen minutes!


Iona Island is at the bottom of the picture. The city of Peekskill, NY is in the distance.


The Bear Mt. Bridge and Anthony’s Nose just after sunrise.


Looking north on the Hudson River


Perkins Memorial Drive

Once you get to the top where the tower is located, you will get some amazing views. This one in particular because usually this time of year the haze blocks the NYC skyline.

IMG_6928 (2)

The NYC Skyline


Due to the fact that improvements on the AT have moved closer to Perkins Memorial Tower, they have had to reroute part of the trail until it is completed.


Hessian Lake at the base of Bear Mountain

Summer 2017 Mileage:


Another take on the Nose

Since I have written about my love of Anthony’s Nose and you have seen many, many pictures of it before, I will only share  with you the new pictures that I took this time (7/15/16). I can tell you that I didn’t see anyone on the way up, on the top or on the way down. It was bliss!

I usually don’t get up to the Nose early enough to catch its silhouette as the sun rises behind it. Today, however,  although it was somewhat hazy, it wasn’t bad enough to ruin the picture.


Even though people have been flying the American Flag at the Nose for years, this is the first time that I have seen a Marine Corps flag flying with it!  I wish that the wind had been blowing the other way because I couldn’t get to the other side of the flag without risking life and limb. Very treacherous!



If you have some time, research Hessian Lake, which is located at the bottom of Bear Mountain.



As you look to the right of the Nose, you will find another excellent hike that will take you to the “Torne.”


And finally, this huge cairn that has made an appearance since the last time I was here. This had to have taken hours to complete!




And of course the cairn with my signature day pack pose:


If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again-You gotta love the Nose!!!!

Happy hiking everyone!