Frankenhand and the Frozen Pizza

I walked to the freezer with a pizza in mind,

Ripped from its box, a mighty nice find.

I opened the oven, the pie on a tray,

Twenty  short minutes, I’d then have my say.

So I sat and I waited, and as the pizza was cooking,

Two pot holders I searched for, all the time looking.

As the clock winded down and it smelled almost done,

I was in a pot holder dilemma, I could only find one!

So I opened the door, and as I reached in with my right,

The pan started slipping and I got a big fright.

The pizza was loose, the pizza was falling,

It couldn’t be wasted, my stomach was calling.

So the brave soul I am, not caring about pain,

I reached out with my left, completely insane.

My fingers touched heat and they started to swell,

I don’t know what happened and I just had to yell.

Expletives here and expletives there,

I threw them around without any care.

But the pain was so great, and I wanted no glory,

Just a pizza to eat and a hell of a story.

Feel better Barb!!!!

Check out the inspiration for this poem here:

Give It To Myself aka Frankenhand


16 thoughts on “Frankenhand and the Frozen Pizza

  1. Barb Knowles

    Reblogged this on saneteachers and commented:
    You have to read my post from yesterday, click here, for this title to be funny, but Mike at The Zen Hiker did just that. He them wrote a poem for me. Not a romantic poem, not an existential poem, but a poem making fun of inspired by my kitchen mishap. This is a great blog site, filled with hiking experiences/know-how, photography and poetry.

    I have the privilege of being friends with Mike in the real world, not just the blogging world, so he gets away with his humorous blog about me being a knucklehead. He is a wonderful writer, and I hope you enjoy this poem and check out his blog.

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