Where Did Fall Go?

It’s the second of November and it doesn’t feel like fall,

An  unlikely wind is upon us, failing to heed the call,

And now the day is over and as nice as it has been,

I like it much, much cooler, to keep me in my zen.


Now some of you that are out there, may enjoy a warmer day,

To get outside while you can to walk and run and play,

But days like this, my dear old friends, I really couldn’t care,

Because I’m the kind of dude, who likes the chilly air.






2 thoughts on “Where Did Fall Go?

  1. Mother Willow

    It was warm here for Nov/2nd today. Unusual for us at this time of year. A lot of trees still have their leaves, some even green. The season is stretching longer into the calendar year. Wonder what winter will be like.
    Loved your poem. Chilly air is good. Enjoy when you get it.

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  2. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Thank you! It is still pretty warm here today as well. If the reports are true, we are in for a very cold and snowy winter. If anything, it will give us all something to write about!



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