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I look

Into your

Eyes, what do you

See? a mirrored life

Masking tranquility.

Vanilla scented love keeps

Me close, intoxicating in

Its simplicity, flowing freely,

Marking days, the drumbeat of my

Life a silent echo, filling

The void with snippets of time

That continue to tell

Me that I love you.

Seen from afar,

I forget

That you


An Every Day Passing

Passing, the light mist of perfume saturates his senses.

Dizzy with lust, thoughts obscured by the quick nod and flick of the hair.

The calculated, pensive look, carrying an almost sad quality, dominates the ink stained paper in front of her.

Seen together, but always separate, beauty is renewed daily with the glimpse, the almost forgetful hello, the not knowing.