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Tears slide down the contours of her face,

Each one filled with reminders of the past.

When hearts beat as one and love was new,

But time is cruel and the story told as souls age and drift apart,

Is a forgotten one.

Time slowly descends on what once was, asking for nothing and promising


Attempting to fill a void…

The Shadow of Yesterday and The Promise of Tomorrow

Shadows grow long as the days disappear,

The reversal of time heeds its call.

Cold dark nights are upon us,

Each lovers embrace a stark reminder of what once was.

Passing silently in each others arms,

The warmth of yesterday fades into the glowing embers

And the wispy grey ashes of every lost love and the memories shared.

With time diverted and memories now deferred, the hope of tomorrow

Brings the promise of new life, new love and a warm embrace.

A Lovers Embrace

I saw her last under the light of summers soft kiss.

Warm and inviting, her embrace was as comforting as it always had been.

Seeing her now, the embrace, although still present and soothing, was now noticeably cooler.

Regardless, my love still flowed freely like water cascading into a calm sea

and the anticipation of the future made me smile.