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In his essay about silence, noted explorer, author and publisher Erling Kagge notes three things-1) The basic state in our brain is one of chaos, 2) An abundance of activities leaves us with a feeling of experiential poverty and 3) We are living in the age of noise.

Why does he say this? Think about it. What do we do every day? We wake up and what is the first thing we do? We look at our phones. We check e-mails, texts and phone messages. We get to work and do the same. After work we repeat the process and it never seems like we get off of the electronic devices crazy train.

One of the things I learned while I was in the hospital a couple of months ago was that nothing happened to me when I couldn’t use my cell phone or ipad (to face time). The world didn’t end, I didn’t cease to exist or go crazy. I just did what I did when I was a kid, I read books. Honestly, I didn’t care that i couldn’t access my phone.

Imagine this-six days of quiet. Not total silence (I was in a hospital), but I did not have the usual distractions that we are all forced to endure every day. I will admit that it was nice. My mind became uncluttered and I didn’t find myself checking the phone or ipad for messages, notification and e-mails.

My idea is a simple one. Take one day a week and disconnect. It’s not that difficult. As a matter fact, it’s really quite nice. I did it and survived.

Does anyone out there do anything to disconnect on a daily basis? I would love to read some of your thoughts.

Please Unplug

“There are few times that I feel more at peace, more in tune, more Zen, if you will, than when I force myself to unplug.”

-Harlan Coben

With technology the way it is, it almost doesn’t seem possible that we can disconnect or unplug from our every day lives, if even for an hour. This quote by Harlan Coben, however, sums up the truth more than anything that I could tell you. As always, I relate most of the quotes that I find directly to my love of hiking. That is my time to “unplug” and when I am out in the woods, I truly am at peace.

As like everyone else, I do carry a cell phone when I hike. However, I turn it off prior to hitting the trail and I don’t check it until I am finished. The only time that I will deviate from this is if I am going to be late or I change my route. At my somewhat advanced age of 52, I make a conscious effort to do this because if I am late my family will assume that I have been eaten by roaming groups of wild animals.

I do find it a shame that we have to “force” ourselves to unplug. It would seem like a natural thing to do, especially after sitting behind a computer screen all day. Or after the many hours doing whatever it is people do on their cell phones.

The bottom line is this-You have to unplug and disconnect at some point. It is imperative for your mental health, and for those around you!


Happy Hiking!!!