Here I Sit


Sitting and sitting is all that I do.

From the time I get up till quarter to two.

As I listen to music and read books on the past,

All I can think is “I gotta get out of this cast!

So my doctors they tell me that after 35 long days,

That my cast and I may finally part ways.

I hope that he’s right and what he says will come true,

Because if it doesn’t, I’ll really be blue.

But you my dear reader, do you really care?

Have you given a thought to my need of fresh air?

So now I’ll stop writing and continue to sit,

And you’ll stay where you are and not give a…

2 thoughts on “Here I Sit

  1. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Thanks! Yes, it’s been 35 days since I fractured it and the cast has been on for a little over two weeks. I agree with you 100% on the weather. If the month of July had been mid 70’s to low 80’s with no humidity I would really be upset!!!! The rain has made it better!!!



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