Day Two-Trouble Ahead!

Knowing that water may be hard to come by for the nine mile hike on day two, my hiking partners rigged up a pretty simple water containment system to catch as much water as possible. Over night we did have several hours pouring rain and thunderstorms which made capturing the water that much easier.

When all was said and done, we collected and purified around 5 gallons of nice cold water!


Collecting water at the Bald Rocks Shelter.

Now the fun begins! Leaving the shelter at around 10 am, we got back on the Ramapo Dunderberg trail and began our day! The terrain in this part of Harriman is just spectacular. Geologists believe that millions of years ago this area of New York may have been part of South America. It always amazes me that rocks end up where they do and stay there!


Beautiful scenery a half mile into the hike.


A couple of tenths of a mile from disaster!


Although the rocks shown in these pictures are dry, when you got the end of one and it turned back into trail, the rock proved to be very slippery.  As I was coming down off of the rock in the third picture from the top, I began sliding and I lost my balance. My left foot became wedged between two rocks as I stopped, my forward momentum kept me moving.

End result? A fractured left ankle and a subsequent surgery to repair it.

Happy Hiking!!!

Hike #21-.9-117.85

5 thoughts on “Day Two-Trouble Ahead!

    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      Getting my foot loose was the easy part. One of my hiking partners called 911 who then called the NY Park Rangers. We had coordinates for a latitude and longitude so they made it as far as they could on these souped up ATV’s. They then found us on the trail and 5 people carried me out on a stretcher. Then, an ambulance ride to the hospital. I shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun!

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    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      It would have been an awesome adventure if I could have completed it! Unfortunately, I will be off my feet for almost two months because of the where the break is and the surgery. Needless to say, it kills the summer hiking season! Thanks for the kind words!

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