The Horror…


Thanksgiving is here, in less than a week,

The leaves have all fallen, all past their peak,

With visions of turkey, football and rest,

And a good nights rest I thought would be best.

So I went to bed and the sky was clear,

The threat of snow? There was no fear.

So when I awoke in the morning and rubbed the sleep from my eyes,

I looked out the door and got a surprise,

It was during the night and while I was sleeping,

That snow had fallen, was I still dreaming?

But it wasn’t a dream, it all was to true,

Snow was now here, I hadn’t a clue.

So why do I worry? Why do I fret?

I’m not really ready, to see the white yet.




2 thoughts on “The Horror…

  1. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Ha!! I usually don’t mind the snow as long as we can get our road properly plowed. This has unfortunately been an issue in the past. Here’s hoping for a mild winter or good plowing!



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