Another Beautiful Day, Another Great Hike…


It’s a rare day in late, late November when you can actually hike for a few hours in shorts and a t-shirt and not feel chilly at some point. Today, I decided to hold off starting my hike until around 10:30 am. My original thought was that it would be much warmer than the usual 6:00 am start which would make things a little more comfortable.


The one thing that I tend to forget when I start my hikes later, especially on days like today, are the number of people who come out to hike. Because I usually get out so early, I rarely see anyone with the exception of some trail runners. On my hike today it seemed like I was running into someone ever couple of minutes. I actually started wondering where they were all coming from…

All in all it was another excellent hike. I got to meet a couple of nice people and as usual they had some incredibly friendly dogs who were eager to make my acquaintance. I really should start taking picture of all of the dogs that I meet when I am hiking.


Happy Hiking!!!

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6 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day, Another Great Hike…

  1. ren

    I love your last 2 pics. And yes, people usually take pride when asked if you can take their dog’s photo. Don’t forget to get the dog’s name, breed, age, sex, history…. oh wait, you will miss out on your hike if you start asking dog questions….

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    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      I always stop to talk to the dogs, no, I mean the owners when I see them. I usually get all of that information and unfortunately, I forget everything that the people say five minutes after I talk to them!!!!! The hazards of getting old(er).

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      1. ren

        I use to stop and talk to the dogs, then notice a human attached to the end of the leash. lol
        Is it the ‘hazards of getting old(er)? Or is it a ‘choice’? I am 60 and have overcome many obstacles simply by choosing ‘what I believe to be true’. Just a thought for ya…… after all…. we do create our own reality.
        Being in nature as much as possible is one of the best medicines on the planet. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful adventures!

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