The Start of Summer

March, April, May and June,

The end to which could not come to soon.

School is out and the summer is here,

I can get back to hiking without any fear.

I haven’t been blogging, and that is a shame,

The work piled up and I have no one to blame.

But now that it’s over and there is time to be had,

The blogging resumes and for this I am glad.

So as you now read this, please forget the bad rhymes,

The summer is here hopefully full of good times!

Please join me as I get back on the trail,

Blogging my hikes with pictures and tales….

3 thoughts on “The Start of Summer

    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      Hey Alicia!!! Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope that all is well with you and Michael! I’m sure you know that you got out just in time. Obviously from when I saw you retirement has suited you well. You look great! Take care and get some of your pictures up on facebook. Take care and stay well!



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