Spring Hiking is Near (I Hope)

As I sit at work and think of spring,

The warmer days and the hikes it will bring,

I dream of the trail and not of the cold,

Leaves on the trees, a scene to behold,

I know that day will be here, no time to lament,

Of harsh winter nights, awaitng springs soft sweet scent. 



4 thoughts on “Spring Hiking is Near (I Hope)

  1. QP and Eye

    While you’re looking forward to Spring here in the southern hemisphere we’re heading into Autumn. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons; nature doesn’t seem quite so harsh during those months. Linda 🙂


  2. The Zen Hiker Post author

    I agree! Hopefully the warmer weather will be here sooner rather than later. Although I don’t mind hiking in the cold, it is certainly much more agreeable when the seasons change!



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