Thanksgiving Day

The stuffings been eaten, the turkey is done.

Many relative abound, I hope it was fun.

Some you may like, and some you endure,

Were potatoes and cranberries the ultimate cure?

As the day slowly dwindles and everyone has gone,

The thought once existed they would be there till dawn.

But leave you they must, to return to their houses,

Packed into cars with children and spouses.

So nightfall is here, just you and your clan,

A nice quiet evening, oh yes I’m a fan,

But as I lay on the couch and drift off to sleep,

It’s memories like these, I’m certain to keep.

So cherish your family, your pets and your life,

It’s been a day to enjoy, one without strife.

But a question I have, if I can have my own say,

Is why can’t we get along, more than just on Thanksgiving day?






2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. The Zen Hiker Post author

    I always wonder why every stresses being nice to each other only from Thanksgiving to New Years. Then it’s back to normal. If we can do it for 5 weeks, why not the rest of the year??



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