The Start of Autumn at the Nose

Since school started back up on August 30th, I haven’t had as much time to go hiking. It’s always a let down, especially since I could go hiking anytime and anywhere I wanted to during the summer months. Although I do ride a stationary bike on the days that I don’t get out, it isn’t quite the same! So, we had today off and I decided to go to…..Anthony’s Nose of course! It is still very early in the fall season so only small spots were beginning to change.


Fall starting to make an appearance.



Bear Mt. as seen from the Nose. As you can see, although some of the more Autumn colors are evident but not widespread.



As  the AT turns off onto a woods road, it runs parallel to Camp Smith, a US Army reserve training center. Here are two signs that kept appearing on that particular section of the trail. The “Danger” sign faces the military reservation and the orange “property of” sign is on the other side of the tree facing the trail.

As I have noted before, hiking to Anthony’s Nose is always special, no matter how many times you take to the trail to get to the top. The temperature today was in the low 60’s with no humidity and cloudy skies. It was perfect!!!

Don’t worry, when the Autumn colors are more crisp I’ll get back up there and get some outstanding photos!


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