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My Poor Jeep…


The storm it was brewin’ and the sky grew so dark,

The rain starting falling, is it time for the ark?

The wind was blowing and the thunder it roared,

The lightning cut through us, a steely edged sword.

As the storm started fading, we heard a strange crack,

We thought it was odd, were we under attack?

I looked out the window and what fell from the roof?

A massive tree limb, so fast it went poof.

But as that limb landed, to my frantic dismay,

I soon found out, that it would ruin my day.

For where did it land? Could it possibly be so?

Right on top of the jeep, and that really did blow.

It smashed through the sunroof and dented the side,

The whole stinking jeep had nowhere to hide.

So insurance was called, and a claim was so made,

I knew at that moment it should have stayed in the shade.