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Oh My…This Is Beyond Insanity

We have to have an FBI investigation they cried. This is shameful they whined. We can’t proceed without an investigation they brayed. So what happens? An FBI investigation is done, and now???? It’s not good enough.

I’m sorry, but you folks have gone off of the deep end. We know what you are trying to do. You aren’t slick as you think you are. We get it! It doesn’t matter who the nominee is, you folks on the left will repeat what has been going on since before Kavanaugh was even nominated. The holier than thou posturing has really made you look like squirrels that have taken too much acid.

All of this behavior is a direct result of having a president for eight years who went unchecked by not only everyone in his own party, but the media as well.

Now that someone is actually calling you on your hypocrisy and slimy behavior, you can’t handle it. Boo-Hoo.

How could this have been different for all of you on the left? Run a candidate next time that doesn’t think that they are owed the presidency. Actually campaigning might help as well. Unfortunately this is just more sour grapes because you lost.

Sorry folks, in this case you don’t get a ribbon for second place.

As always, if this offends in any way, shape or form…I don’t care.

“We Hate Everyone On The Right!!!!”


Someone in the “resistance” screaming at the sky. Oh my…

A quick question for my friends on the left. What is the purpose of harassing Republicans and members of the Trump administration in public? Do you not see how childish you look? How infantile? Since election day it has been a temper tantrum thrown on a daily basis because Trump was elected.

So what exactly are you hoping to accomplish by not allowing public figures to live their lives in peace like everyone else?

Do you honestly believe that screaming and accosting people in public is going to help your cause? I know that when I was growing up, yelling, screaming and stamping my feet like a petulant two-year old never succeeded in getting me anything. At some point I realized that and grew up.

Does it soothe your ego to verbally accost people who have been put in place by a duly elected President? (Sorry, we don’t elect the President by popular vote)  Does it make you feel good?

The behavior shown by those on the left since election day has truly been disgusting, and I think that is an understatement. The crying, screaming and ridiculous histrionics have done nothing but further alienate the two parties and quite frankly, made the left look like the unhinged loonies they profess the right to be.

Any rational answers out there for such moronic behavior? 

And that, dear friends, will end my rant for the day.

As always, if any of this offends you, I don’t care.

It’s Time to Move on…

Needless to say, it has been a really long week here in the US. As you know, on this blog I have not posted anything one way or the other about the election. However, the reaction of the left after the Hillary loss is truly disturbing. First let me say that the ability to protest is certainly acceptable in American society.Violence is not. Destroying property is not. Attacking people for voting against Hillary is not.  And this is what we are seeing.

I am truly sorry that your choice for president did not win the election. I really am. I was not happy when Obama won in 08 and 12, but I understood that it was the will of the people and I sucked it up and moved on.  I did not need counseling, a safe space or a cry in, instead, I acted like an adult and I moved on.

The beautiful thing about this country is you don’t have to agree with Mr. Trump. You can debate with people about his policies and most importantly, you don’t have to like him-ever. But although you have the right to all of these things you also have responsibilities. And one of those if the responsibility to act like a reasonable adult. Not like a two year who didn’t their way.

Part of the problem here is that our younger generation has been so coddled that they don’t know what to do when things don’t go their way. No one has ever told them “no”.

I noted on Facebook the other day that democracy is not a one way street. You can’t just accept the process when you win. Is it ok to be upset? Of course it is. We all know that the electoral process is far from perfect but trying to change it or its results by using violence is not acceptable under any circumstances.

So I am doing this-First, from this point on I am not going to post anything here about politics (not that I ever really did). Second, I am not going to post anything on Facebook regarding the election and I am not going to respond to anything related to the election. Third, if I do read posts and they and are just mean, rude half truths, then I am going to defriend you (Facebook). 

I have wasted more than enough mental energy debating, arguing and trying to reason with those who don’t agree with me and it just isn’t worth it. The vitriol is only going to get worse and to be honest with you, I am not going to change the minds of those who hate Trump or anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Just to let you all know, I am not a racist, sexist or a homophobe because I don’t agree with you or those on the left. I just hold the belief that progressive ideas do more harm than good in our country.

With all of that said, if you want to comment on what I have written, please do not expect a response. I am not going to respond to positive or negative replies at this point. I just wanted to get this off of my mind and move on. I suggest that all of you do the same thing.