Candy, Candy Everywhere


The question for hikers is as old as time itself. If you are going hiking, what type of candy do you bring? Some folks like Twix, others like Milk Duds and some favor M & M’s. In my extensive research, I have found that one candy stands out among all of the others.

What kinds of research did I conduct? Over the years I have watched many, many videos and read many books, articles, and blogs about hiking to come to my conclusion.

The only candy that is worth purchasing and bringing with you on those long day hikes (and short) is the Snickers Bar. I had no idea that I would actually be writing a post about candy, but after watching well over one hundred videos, I came to one unmistakable conclusion, Snickers are the go to for most hikers.

Who can deny the excitement of unwrapping a Snickers bar after slogging up a massive hill in almost a hundred degree heat, or in a massive rainstorm and biting into layers of roasted peanuts, caramel, and nougat covered in milk chocolate. Who indeed?

I have heard tale and seen video of thru-hikers who have devoured one or more Snickers bars a day for 2,190 miles. Who can deny the epic quality of a Snickers? Even if it’s melting, wet or has been dropped on the ground, it is still undeniably the best trail food in existence.

I know that I’ve been known to ravage a Snickers or two in my time and each of those times has been heavenly.



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