Last July I spent a great deal of time hiking in Bear Mt. and Harriman State Parks. Both parks offer an incredibly diverse assortment of hiking terrain, ranging from woods roads to conventional dirt trails. One thing, however, that sometimes makes hiking more difficult than it should be is the prolific amount of rocks on some trails. It is tough on the feet and tough on the mind!


A rocky trail in Harriman State Park.


4 thoughts on “Prolific-WPC

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  3. dunelight

    I love the Hudson Valley, I enjoy hiking in New England too but, baby, you are right. Those ‘trails’ aka piles of sometimes slippery and moving rocks can be killer. They bruise the feet and mind.
    On a good day I don’t have complete control of my legs and so I will stick to my sandy dune trails.

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  4. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Sandy dunes don’t sound so bad!!!! The worst thing about the rocks is a lot of times it seems as though they litter the steepest and nastiest climbs which then makes the climb that much harder. Oh well, it comes with the territory and I would much rather be outside! Take care and thank you for the comments!



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