The Rythm Of The Snore

Every time I go to Ward Pound Ridge now the trees are more bare and the woods seem more expansive than they did just a few weeks ago. Since I started to hike at WPRR during the summer, everything was cloaked in a sea of greens. Now, if even just for a couple of days, the trees resemble a huge bowl of stuffing that sits on the table at Thanksgiving.

Like the bowl of stuffing that is waiting to be eaten, the leaves fall and are reclaimed by the earth. It is truly an awesome time to be hiking. Today was definitely the coldest morning in a many months. At my usual start time of around 6:20 am, the temperature had dropped to 38 degrees. As I stretched and waited for it to get a little lighter (and warmer), I put on the flannel jacket that I had stashed in the back of my jeep.

Even at that time of the morning I could tell which of the shelters were occupied because of the distinct smell of a dying campfire. As I approached one shelter, it was so quiet that I could hear the slow roar of someone snoring. When I actually passed the tent and the snore was at its loudest, I could only feel sorry for anyone who might be sharing a tent with him.


The sky right before starting my hike. 

Happy Hiking!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Rythm Of The Snore

  1. Bel

    Seemed like an awesome day for a hike. 👍 Funny about the snoring camper. I often found that a tent doesn’t protect you from those sounds. I remember camping for the first time and hearing snores from other tents and it was amusing.

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  2. Barb Knowles

    I swear I wasn’t in that shelter. On a side note, since I’m obsessed with my health right now, the cardiologist told me that snoring can be associated with heart problems. I only started snoring about 3 years or so. So there you go. And tomorrow I have to ask the doctor about exercise. Maybe we can compare notes. I’m hoping he says DON’T DO IT. But I don’t think he will 🙂
    Beautiful photo.

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