Weed Orchard & Winery

Fall is officially here in the Hudson Valley of New York! The leaves are turning, temperatures are cooler, a nice breeze is blowing and the sky is blue. What does that mean? Perfect apple picking weather.

We decided to head up to Weed Orchards & Winery, located in Marlboro, NY. An easy 50 minute drive from where I live in Mahopac, it offers everything that you would expect from an orchard. Even the car ride (mostly on highways) provided us with some pretty nice views of the landscape.

Pulling up to the Winery, we parked on a grassy hillside and walked a short distance to where you got the bag you would need to store the apples that you would pick.


After speaking with several friendly people, we headed towards the orchards. Although they offer many different types of apples, we just followed the many signs that sent us in the direction of where we needed to be.

Most of the apples that we picked were either green (the kind my daughter likes), or red, the type the rest of us will eat. We found that the closer to the main road you were ended up not offering as many choices as when you moved up the rows and further away from the crowds. These apples tended to be lower to the ground and didn’t require the extra effort needed when they were higher up in the trees.

One of the more interesting things about this orchard is that it does have things that will keep smaller children occupied. You can pick pumpkins, feed animals and just wander the many acres of dirt roads. If you look carefully at the first picture below, you can see the top of the wooden structure that is in the middle of the corn maze.

Before you leave, I would strongly suggest visiting the bakery, as they had many different types of cakes, cookies, pies, jams and soups that will satisfy just about every taste.


Here are some assorted photos from around the orchard:


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