The Never Ending Summer

I thought it was over, I thought I was free


The cool Autumn nights, the stars I would see.


September arrived and to my dismay,


Summers fury is back, to bake me like clay.


How long will it last, this unwelcome heat,


The sun beating down, frying eggs on the street.


Although I complain, I know it won’t last,


As quick as it came, more quickly to pass.


I don’t ask for much, just to be cool,


Why is it here? Just to be cruel?


1 thought on “The Never Ending Summer

  1. Barb Knowles

    Yes! To be cruel! I can’t think of any way to describe how horribly hot and humid it was at school today without using many curse words. But I felt cruelly treated. Yet, when we are driving home through sleet and snow in 3-4 months, I’ll think of this poem.



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