Bear with me…

Here is a mini monoverse to celebrate my recent bear encounter:

Bear with me…

What’s the chance


at a glance

bear advance

no romance


Steal away

cry mayday

keep at bay

night and day

go away!

The Mini-monoverse is a poetry form originated by Emily Romano.  Each Mini-monoverse is made up of two stanzas of five three-syllable lines. 

4 thoughts on “Bear with me…

  1. Barb Knowles

    Ok so here’s the deal. You told me about, and I read here about your encounters with the skunk and the bear. 2 nights ago our home was sprayed by a skunk (it was horrific and I thought I would die of skunk poison smell) and I finally fell asleep and had a nightmare about a bear. All your fault.

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