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Slowly he moved through the woods, hoping that as the hours passed, it would never end. Gliding effortlessly over the rocks and gnarled tree roots, the soothing fine mist of light rain fell slowly and cooled him to his core.  Although he felt chilled, he pushed on and thought to himself, “I would not want to be doing anything else.” The nagging thought of having to end the hike entered his mind and he didn’t want this to happen, dreading the return to normalcy. As the mist truly began to clear, he rubbed his eyes and wondered where he was. However, the one thing that he was sure of was that his dream had been a good one. Slowly swinging his legs over the bed, he started his day.


4 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. Jazz Jaeschke

    Was already loving this … and the twist at the end made that all the more so. MOST of my hiking is mental (leg issues!) but I’ve been truly there enough to understand wanting to stay forever.



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