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Another Victim Of Technology?


Just Kindles…

I have always had a love for books, especially those that were full of adventure and mystery. The Hardy Boys first mesmerized me when I was nine with their adventures. I remember running “pell-mell” in our back yard with my friends. Then came Stephen King and his own unique kind of crazy. When I got into high school I traveled with Kerouac, the Merry Pranksters, and the Hells Angels as they each created their own individual kind of mayhem. And I devoured them all.

I remember scouring the shelves in book stores looking for something to read. I usually didn’t stray much from the familiar, but at times I would take a leap of faith and read something from a genre that I wasn’t familiar with or maybe just didn’t like. For me at that age that was a big deal. These days I’ll read just about anything.

I remember the smell of new books and how it was almost intoxicating. I remember folding the crease of the page that I left off on instead of using a bookmark. I also remember putting books down and then spending hours trying to find them. I never read one book at a time. If I saw a book I wanted to read, I bought it and started reading that one as well.

Today, however, things have changed greatly. My Kindle has sanitized the entire process of reading. No more browsing through a bookstore or feeling the texture of the pages as you become part of the story. No more creased pages or paper bookmarks. Now you’re only a click away from any book that you desire.

Personally, I think that it is sad that kids today may never experience the smell of a new book or enjoy the entire process of going to the bookstore and finding something to read. Technology has made it too easy. It seems that technology is doing this with everything.

The good thing is I will never run out of anything to read.


I Sit And Wait

I spend a lot of time saying that when I retire I am going to disappear into the woods. Not just to hike, but hoping to live out of the main stream of society. To get away from civilization and the filth that it has produced and yet it still demands its place at the table. Away from the talking bobble heads who have found that if they weren’t able read off of a teleprompter would most likely be selling the Squatty Potty at 2 am on some desolate cable network to bleary eyed souls wishing they could disappear as well. (Don’t ask how I know about that)

But here I sit, waiting. Waiting for the day when I can walk out the door for the last time. Walk out the door so this part of my life becomes a memory, one that melts as quickly as the sun sets.

Every day now I read and watch the news and the longing to disconnect from the nightmare of shit that rules the world becomes that much more overwhelming. Here are a couple of gems from the recent news:

“Boy, 16 gives brutal details in killing of pregnant high school cheerleader”

Why did he kill her? Because she hid the pregnancy past the point where she could get an abortion. So how did he solve his problem? He stabbed her in the heart and then left her body in a dumpster. Classic.

“Mom,  37, who allegedly drowned 10 month twins could face penalty”

I’m not even going to get into this one. I sense that a special place in hell exists not only for the one above, but more so for this one.

So I sit and wait. And for now, as I continue to recover, the absence of my long and almost daily hikes is becoming a mental burden. Despite the fact that the cold and often angry weather of the winter months would still keep me sane as I made my way from trail to trail and peak to peak, allowing all of the shit churning in my head to be flushed into a vast wasteland, all I can do is hope for better hiking days.

I need to be listening to the wind as it make its way through the naked trees because it has a way of enveloping me, its unique song guiding me to and through my favorite hiking spots.

People say to me, “You are wishing your life away.” No. Not wishing it away, but instead wishing, hoping and waiting for greener pastures, to find a place where although stupidity may still be present, it won’t rule the day. And yes, I am positive that the grass is greener on the other side of this fence.

So I sit and wait.



New Blog!!!!

From October 2nd through October 11th I posted several essays that had a distinct lean to the political right. After receiving some feedback from followers, I made a decision not to post anything political on The Zen Hiker to keep it just about hiking, the outdoors, photography and other things that I enjoy.

Over the course of the last couple of days I have started a new blog with the title Right On!, which I will solely dedicate to my political rants. I am writing this to let you know that if you were among those who did enjoy reading those types of posts you can now go to the new blog. If you didn’t enjoy them, I get it and won’t put them on The Zen Hiker.

With that said, if you are so inclined, please go to Right On! at the web address below and follow me there!!!!


I am still constructing the blog so please bear with me on how it currently looks!

Can’t We All Just Get Along???

In just a few short weeks a new president of the United States will be elected. The one and only guarantee of this election is that approximately one half of the population will not be happy with the results. It won’t matter who is elected, the internet will be filled with cries of the end of the world and that as a nation we won’t be able to survive four years of  a Clinton or Trump presidency.

Decisions will be made that you won’t agree with. Things will be said by the new president that you won’t agree with. Both sides of the aisle will continue the insidious name calling that has sadly become the mainstream of U.S. politics.

Here’s the one good thing. You don’t have to be a part of the nonsense. It doesn’t matter who you support, in the end it is your choice on how you decide to respond. You can be part of the name calling and blaming, or you can decide not to be.

I am making a choice to do the following (regardless of who wins):

  1. Each of us have a system of values that we have either received from our families or developed on our own. I will continue to impart these values to my children and I will associate with those who hold those same beliefs.
  2. I understand that not everyone shares my beliefs but I will not resort to demeaning those who are opposed to what I believe.
  3. With that said, I will not tolerate those who oppose me in a manner which is detrimental to both parties. I will actively defend my beliefs in an appropriate manner.

As Americans, we have the first amendment right to speech. In these troubled times we need to exercise that right, but to do so in a manner that does not resort to what has become the norm in our society. Nothing is going to change in our society (and many others) if we can’t learn to disagree with each other without resorting to lowering ourselves to calling names and playing to the stereotypes that got us to where we are in the first place.

Way to much mental energy is wasted on hating those who disagree with us. Instead of continuing to beat each down through words and actions, someone has to stand up to those on both sides who do not want to participate in a meaningful discussion. Will that person be a politician? An everyday person? Who??

Please let  me know what you think. Am I crazy to expect a reasonable amount of civil discourse, no matter who wins?