Short, Slow And Relatively Easy…

“Mostly, two miles an hour is good going.”

-Colin Fletcher 

This morning was probably the nicest day of the summer. When I got on the trail at 6:30 am, it was 49 degrees. I was actually a little cold as I headed out into the woods but it only took a couple of minutes though for that nice chilly feeling to go away!


As has been the case almost all summer, I didn’t see a single person the entire hike. Granted, the hike was shorter than most I have done but on a day like today, I expected to at least see some trail runners. That’s ok, the woods were practically silent as I made my way down the trail.


If you take a left at the tree that is marked instead of going right as the trail markers tell you to, you can add another half of a mile to your hike. Today I didn’t and continued right. Most of the trail at this point is soft dirt with some rocky spots mixed in at different points.


The picture above marks the beginning of only two short hills on this particular hike. This one is about halfway through the hike and the second one is almost at the end.

One of the cool things about Ward Pound ridge are the bridges that are found throughout the park. Although the ground was wet, I couldn’t see any running water and if you wanted you could just use the rocks on the left to escape the mud.

The rest of the hike was pretty easy. Nice flat trails and as I got closer to the finish, a breeze started blowing that didn’t help with trying to stay warm. But it was nice weather for the end of August.

I can’t complain about any aspect of today’s hike and tomorrow is looking just as good!


Hike #28-8/26/19-3.7-123.7

4 thoughts on “Short, Slow And Relatively Easy…

  1. Jessica

    49 degrees in August sounds chilly. Those hikes without seeing anyone are nice– sometimes nature has a way of ‘talking’ just the perfect amount. Wind in the leaves, birds flying over, etc. Nice pictures– I’d probably choose the bridge and save my ankles. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      You are 100% correct. 49 degrees in late August in the Northeast is almost unheard of! You are also correct with your comment about nature “talking.” Even with a hike that short, I’ll take a few water breaks and just listen to the woods. It is very calming.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Zen Hiker Post author

    It’s funny you say that because yesterday I never even gave a thought to putting bug spray on because it was so nice. It was basically automatic for all of my other hikes. But yesterday, no flies, mosquitos or gnats. It was glorious! The cool weather will be here soon enough.



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