Could It Be True?

phil and chuck

Phil on the left and Chuck on the right.

“Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”

~Robert Byrne

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

~Robin Williams

Even though the two of them are almost always wrong, Staten Island Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil have predicted an early spring. Although it would be really, really nice for that to come true, I’m not going to be placing any bets on today’s results.

It would be exceptional, however, if they were both right. I’m usually pretty happy letting winter take its course and enjoying the snow for as long as it lasts. But for the last few years I have longed for the snow to be gone as quickly as possible.

To have clear trails devoid of snow, maybe a slight chill in the air, would still make it worth getting out there. The trees, still bare enough so they provide no coverage from the sun would actually be a benefit. The feeling of the late winter sun warming your face as you sit on a rock resting and drinking water is beyond words.

Oh well, at this point who knows where the rest of the winter will take us. Each day that passes only means warmer days ahead and this means many days of hiking! With temperatures a week ago hovering at night in the low negatives, a little later this week the high will be 53. Will they be proven correct????




2 thoughts on “Could It Be True?

    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      I have never been more ready than this year. Because of my fractured ankle, I have only hiked once in 7 months. I am ready to get back out there! Thanks very much for commenting!



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