A Zombie Like Existence

Technology has improved all of our lives, yes? Is that a fair statement? We can’t deny that not only have we seen improvements, but every day activities are made easier. We can shop on computers, iPads, lap tops and even our phones! We can have anything that we want or need at our door in a day or less.

But as with every advancement we see in society, it comes at a cost. Unfortunately that cost is our children. You see, I work in a high school. For 20 years I have seen the dependence on cell phones and other forms of tech increase to the point of no return. Heads bent and shoulders hunched, students and teachers alike move through the halls from class to class like zombies in the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, like in the Walking Dead, we can’t dispatch kids or colleagues to a better place for living a zombie like existence.

We are raising what could be generations of young folks who can’t hold a conversation and are content with staring blankly at a screen. How about reading a book?

Ask them to put them away in class and you get attitude. For that matter, ask just about anyone to put their phones away and you would think you are asking them to give up a limb. Wait, maybe we are…Anyway, I found these outstanding images that give a pretty honest look at what life is like today. Enjoy!!

cell on face

cell on hand


I know that the second image was done by Angel Boligan Corbo. I’m not sure about the other two. If you know, please let me know!

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