Rhyming And Rhyming

Rhyming and rhyming it’s what I can do,

Rhyming and rhyming the entire day through.

I’ll rhyme about this and I’ll rhyme about that,

I’ll even rhyme about my sweet little cat.

But rhyming about nothing is what I do best,

Even as I rhyme about each hiking quest.

So I’ll continue to rhyme, whether you like it or not,

And if you want to join me, please give it a shot!

1 thought on “Rhyming And Rhyming

  1. jvprawn

    Rhyming is not my skill,
    it’s not as easy as climbing a hill.
    It’s not an easy task to rhyme,
    let alone to get a dime.
    To make a rhyme is not a crime,
    but it took a lot of time.
    I made it,
    now I should eat.

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