The Odd Couple

One of the oddest friendships I have ever seen is the one shared by our cat and rabbit. You would think at the very least that the cat would try to eat the bunny but no, they are the best of friends! Now if I could just get our 90 pound dog into the picture… 


7 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

  1. The Zen Hiker Post author

    It certainly is! I thought that when we brought the cat home I was going to have to keep them separated, but thankfully that hasn’t been the case. And as I alluded to in the comments, our dog also gets along with both of them A strange house indeed!


      1. Marc-André

        Awwwwww. If you ever fancy doing a little guest story on our blog on that let me know. I think it would be worth telling other animal people about this. 😀


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