Camera Or No Camera?

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Thru hiking the AT has been a bucket list item for me since before I even began thinking about a bucket list. In an effort to be as prepared as I possibly can for a thru hike, I want to use this blog as a way to ask questions and get opinions/advice on whether my thought process is sound. More importantly, it will allow me to continue blogging about what I love to do.

Even though I have read many, many books and articles and watched hundreds of videos about the AT, I feel almost a sense of urgency now to continue to not only keep doing the same, but to also further refine my reading to researching about how to thru hike the AT. I know that sounds odd, but there is so much information out there about every aspect of hiking, that I want time to be able to sift through it all make informed decisions. Or….I might like something from start and go with it!!

One of my first questions/concerns has to do with pack weight. I understand lighter is better, but since this could be a once in a life time adventure,  should I bring my DSLR camera with me? Is the 2-3 pounds of extra weight and the lost space worth it? I am saying yes for a couple of reasons. The first is pretty simple. I know this camera. I know the limitations and what can be done with it and at this point it is pretty much an extension of me whenever I am out hiking.

The second is much simpler. I want to be able to document this endeavor in the best possible way for my family and whoever might want to look at the pictures and follow the blog.

So what do you think? Go with what I like and know or am I missing something??

Any sane ideas will be considered. Insane ones receive priority consideration.

7 thoughts on “Camera Or No Camera?

  1. ren

    Sane idea – duct tape and Velcro the camera to your head. (NOTE: You may need to shave your head to assure adhesion of tape) Be sure to find the perfect balance spot on the top of your head and you should not even notice the added weight.

    Insane idea – go with your gut, take the camera!

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    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      Thank you! The more I think about it, the more I am leaning to putting up with the weight. That may change between now and then and also while I am on the trail, but who knows! Thanks again!

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      1. ren

        Maybe ‘balance it out’ by leaving something of equal or greater weight, behind. And, your camera is an extension/reflection of you. I look forward to your AT pictures 😀

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  2. Flying Squirrel

    I can’t imagine doing it without any camera at all, but in addition to the weight of a nice DSLR, you’ve also got the challenge of keeping it clean, dry, protected. That said, you’ll regret it the first time you have that perfect shot and don’t have the camera. You can always start with it and mail it home (probably a harder decision than this one!)


    1. Karen

      I agree with this suggestion. In all reality it likely won’t be the only piece of gear you may consider changing as your hike progresses. My husband brought his along on a 4 day PCT hike and it was hard to keep the dust out of it and still keep it handy enough to use.

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  3. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Thanks for your input! You are 100% correct when you say that keeping it well protected will be challenging. That’s where I keep going back and forth with whether to bring it or not. Good thing I have some time to either commit to bringing it or searching for an alternative. Thanks again!

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