Stupid Uncle Louie? I Don’t Think So

To my readers-I try very hard not to stray from the intended purpose of this blog. It was meant to be about hiking, photography, woodworking etc. But after hearing and reading what this teacher in California said in front of a class of his high school students, stray I must. 

“We got all our freaking night vision goggles, all that kind of stuff, and we can’t freaking control these dudes wearing freaking robes and chanclas. Because we got a bunch of dumb shits over there. Think about the people who you know who are over there, your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whoever, they’re dumb shits. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the freaking lowest of our low. Not morally. I’m not saying they make bad moral decisions. They’re not talented people.”

I am a Marine. That’s right. One of the “dumb shits” that the Gregory Salcido, a HIGH SCHOOL teacher in California felt free to use as a term to describe those who decide to join the military.

Four months after graduating from high school in 1983 I got off the bus at Parris Island, stepped on the yellow footprints, and began my journey to become a US Marine. Now of course I can’t speak for everyone who joins the military, but most of the people I know who wanted to be Marines did so because they wanted to serve their country.

Does this make me a “dumb shit?” I don’t think so. I served with many Marines who were incredibly intelligent people. As a matter of fact, I can say that one Marine I had the pleasure to serve with is the most intelligent person I have ever met. I am truly dumbfounded as to how this teacher came to his conclusion that folks in the military are not “high level thinkers…or “not academic people”…or that they aren’t “intellectual people.”

To put it quite bluntly, this teacher and anyone else who believes this are imbeciles. Some will say that he has the right to say what he wants and they are correct. But when he spews this verbal diarrhea, he only highlights his own ignorance. Ignorance of who has served as well as who is currently serving. What is most disturbing and disgusting, however, is that he said this in front of high school students.

It is without a doubt that our nations high school students should be exposed to diverse points of view. But I can guarantee you that this teacher, like many others, only present these one sided and often horribly biased viewpoints. Although the teacher has been suspended with pay during the so called investigation, I am not confident that it will lead to a firing. He will more than likely be allowed to once again stand in front of a class room to regurgitate his vile nonsense.

This man has no business being in front of a classroom and I hope that his district leaders have the sense to see this. This person should have the common sense to realize that his right to say things like this, as ignorant as they may be, has been given to him by the very people that he despises. Our nations military, both past and present should be revered and honored, not though of as being the “lowest of the  low.”

In my humble opinion, Gregory Salcido is a despicable human being who should, and hopefully will, rot in hell. Our current and former military members deserve better than this.

In closing, I offer much respect to all currently serving military as well as all of our nations veterans. Most importantly-

Semper Fi Marines!!!



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